Graviola - biljka koja pobjeđuje rak: Graviola - a herb that kills cancer

Graviola - a herb that kills cancer

graviola fruit and leaves
Graviola fruit and leaves
Deep in the Amazon rainforest quietly grows a herb which revolutionized the understanding of cancer treatment, both among physicians and among patients worldwide. The increasing number of patients of recovered health and their stories testify to its effectiveness. This herb for which the world outside the Amazon area did not know until recently, is a real gem from treasury of natural pharmacy.
Graviola, going by the Latin name of Annona muricata, is an evergreen plant native to South America. Its ripe fruits are a source of vitamins C, B1, B2 and phosphorus, while its bark, leaf, root, fruit and seeds have been used for centuries in the medicine of the South American Indians. In Peru its leaves were consumed for calming purposes, as a diuretic and an analgesic. In Brazil it is served as a treatment for liver and other issues with numerous health difficulties such as arthritis, asthma, heart diseases and bile. Its fruit and juice are traditionally used to treat fever, diarrhea, and to stimulate the secretion of milk in nursing mothers. A real miraculous herb!


We learned about the medicinal properties of Graviola from one of the largest U.S. drug manufacturers that subjected this plant to more than 20 laboratory tests that were conducted since the 1970's. Studies have shown that bioactive compounds of Graviola - Annona Acetogenins, whose concentration is highest in the leaves, are killing malignant cells of as many as 12 types of carcinoma, including cancers of the colon, breast, prostate, lung and the pancreas. Studies from the Catholic University of South Korea and Purdue University of Indiana in the United States have confirmed that bioactive compounds of Graviola selectively target and kill cancer cells precisely several hundred times more effectively than chemotherapy itself. Just the opposite to chemotherapy, which has a devastating effect on the whole body, Annona Acetogenin destroys only cancer cells, leaving healthy cells intact and providing support to a weakened organism! These studies were published in the "Journal of Natural Products."


American National Center for Cancer Research - NCI conducted the first scientific research about the anti-carcinogenic capabilities of this herb in 1976. Results indicated that the substances from the leaves and stems of Graviola tree are effective in attacking and destroying malignant cells. Large pharmaceutical companies have kept this discovery away from the public. According to the federal law that says that the natural ingredient or a plant cannot be patented, therefore they had no possibility to achieve a serious profit from the commercialization of this natural remedy. Instead they tried to synthesize the most powerful ingredient of Graviola, which destroys cancer cells. After seven years of unsuccessful testing they closed the project with large losses and decided not to share their research with the public. Due to the financial interests of the pharmaceutical companies that kept this nature's blessing a secret solely for profit, thousands of people were dying daily not knowing that the answer to the prevention and cure of cancer is at their fingertips - in the nature. Fortunately, one of the scientists who participated in this research has publicly spoken about the benefits of Graviola whose blessings in the last decade have become available worldwide. A whole range of later on conducted researches have confirmed the effectiveness of Graviola, but the results have often remained away from the eyes of the public.


Scientists at the Purdue Institute Oberlies, Chang, and McLaughlin discovered that cancer cells which are resistant to chemotherapy (MDR cells - Multi Drug Resistant), can effectively be treated by Acetogenins from Graviola. These cancer cells develop resistance to chemotherapy treatments, wasting vast amounts of cellular energy (ATP) to get rid of chemotherapy drugs. At this point, Annona Acetogenins enter the stage which effectively blocks the transfer of ATP into the cancer cells. Without the necessary energy they cannot carry out their life functions and shortly they die off. It is also important to note that due to the above process this miraculous herb affects only cancer cells while leaving healthy cells intact.


It is now known that Graviola, other than the fact that it specifically kills cancer cells, has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the internal organs and healing of endocrine system disorders. It is a broad-spectrum antimicrobial agent for bacterial and fungicidal infections, anti-parasitic agent against internal parasites and worms, an anti-hypertension remedy, used also as a sedative and an anti-depressant. It shows significant results in the treatment of heart disease, asthma, type 2 diabetes and liver diseases. Graviola destroys cancer cells without any harmful side effects, strengthens the immune system, protects against infections, establishes normal organ functioning soothes and restores life energy and a positive life attitude. Graviola also shows excellent results in raising the immunity during and after chemotherapy and in patients infected with HIV.

Graviola leaves contain the highest number of Acetogenins and the smallest number of alkaloids than any other part of the its tree, therefore the consumption of these is favorable to the organism within the recommended daily dose. Pregnant women and people diagnosed with Parkinson's disease must not consume Graviola. People who take medication to lower blood pressure or people who have low blood pressure should monitor it while taking Graviola as it lowers blood pressure and soothes.


It is best to mix Graviola powder with warm (not hot) water and drink it at night before going to sleep. It is recommended to drink up to 3 grams of Graviola powder minced leaves a day, and for health maintenance one small teaspoon (1 gram) is sufficient. The recommended dose of 5 grams per day should not be exceeded. With us, Graviola can be purchased in a powder form that can be mixed with warm water as a tea or can be mixed into a variety of beverages (herbal tea, juice, yogurt, milk) and in the form of tablets made of pure Graviola powder, with NO additives. We advise you to take care of your health and use only preparations of tested origin.


Graviola (Annona muricata) is a small evergreen tree belonging to the Annonaceae family with large dark green leaves that can grow up to 5 meters and does not tolerate frost. It is known for its large, aromatic cordate fruit, yellow-green in color with a white pulp of rich taste that grows up to 30 cm in size. It thrives on poor soil and prefers altitude areas of 0-1200 meters above sea level. Its natural habitats are the countries of neotropical regions of the Caribbean, Central and South America as well as Africa. However, today this herb is cultivated over a much wider area because of its extraordinary properties and an ever-increasing demand for its fruits and leaves rich in bioactive ingredients of Acetogenin.


In Spanish-speaking countries, its name is Guanabana, in Brazil it is known as Graviola while in English it is called Soursop or Brazilian pawpaw. The fruit itself is sold on local markets of the mentioned countries, and the pulp is used to prepare a variety of drinks and sorbets. Mildly bitter liquid found in the fruit, is drinkable.


Different parts of this miraculous tree - its bark, leaf, root, fruit and seeds, have been used for centuries in medicine of the South American Indians. In Peru its leaves were consumed for calming purposes, as a diuretic and an analgesic. In Brazil it was served as a treatment for liver and other issues with numerous health difficulties such as arthritis, asthma, heart diseases and bile. In the modern age, Graviola leaves are recommended by doctors and scientists around the world in the battle against various types of cancer.

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